Touch 'n Seal Sharpshooter-X, Reusable Gun Foam Applicator

Manufacturer: Convenience Products
Product Description

Touch 'n Seal Sharpshooter-X is a reusable gun featuring a metal barrel and adjustable output. Sharpshooter applicator guns are specially used with Touch 'n Seal gun foam products. Touch 'n Seal designed a gun applicator model for every budget, including cylinder foams. From the disposable SS-D to the premium long barrel foam applicators, there's a model for every budget including cylinder foams.

To extent reach and improve maneuverability in tight spaces add tip extensions, or long barrel guns will add an even greater reach - up to 39". Long barrel guns are available in 28" or 39" lengths.

Use the Touch 'n Seal Poly-Clean to clean wet foam from tools and applicator guns. Attaches directly to basket to flush barrel.