Tigerhood Thermoplastic Welding Helmets w/ Molded-In Glass Holder

Manufacturer: Fibre-Metal by Honeywell
Product Description

Provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face. Molded from Noryl. Size and shape allow air to circulate, helping to clear any smoke and fumes that seep in and to evaporate perspiration in the perforated sweatband. (If hazardous fumes are present, appropriate respirators must be worn). Molded-in colors eliminate chipping, peeling and fading; smooth, seamless shell deflects sparks and spatter, reducing the risk of burn through. Exclusive, 3C free-floating headgear with multiple wearing adjustments comfortably accommodates protective spectacles and respirators. Available with the Speedy-Loop system for frequent on and off use with protective caps. Comes complete with shade 10 filter plate installed. SEI certified.


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