SWD Quik-Shield® 951 | Heavy Duty Spray Elastomer

Manufacturer: SWD
Product Description

QUIK-SHIELD® | 951 is a 100% solids, aromatic, elastomer coating. It is specifically formulated for spray application as a high performance coating in commercial and industrial applications.

    Available in Dark Gray and Black.


    QUIK-SHIELD® | 951 is ideal for a variety of applications including:

    • Vehicle: Truck bed liners, dump trucks, tankers, trailers
    • Industrial-Commercial: Water containment areas, floor surfacing, parking & loading areas, pipe lining, machinery coating
    • Marine: Boat hulls, cargo holds, docks, buoys, EPS encapsulation
    • Agriculture: Farm equipment, trailers, silo lining
    • Custom Applications: Playground equipment, secondary containment
    • Military: Blast abatement, metal preservation