SWD Quik-Shield® 112 | 2 lb Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Manufacturer: SWD
Product Description

QUIK-SHIELD® 112 is the preferred 2 lb. closed-cell, spray-applied, rigid polyurethane foam system on the market today. It is specially formulated to be the highest performing, year-round 2 lb. spray foam, and is certified for use in the U. S. and Canada. Provides R-Value of 6.0 per inch.


Quik-Shield® 112 is designed for application to substrates with temperatures as low as 35˚F (1.7˚C). 

  • Effective insulating material
  • Seamless air barrier
  • No ignition barrier needed
  • Industry leading yield
  • No application odor
  • Virtually no gun clogs
  • Certified for use in the U.S. and Canada