RG-2400 LT ReactiveGel Anti Corrosion Coating

Manufacturer: Polyguard
Product Description

RG-2400 LT is new to the insulation industry and is a breakthrough for corrosion control and prevention on piping systems, tanks and vessels under insulation. RG-2400® LT prevents corrosion from occurring, and it also stops existing corrosion from advancing on existing systems. Minimal preparation is required, just wire brush off the scale.

In addition, RG-2400 LT prevents stainless steel and copper stress crack corrosion, under insulation.It is a non-drying compound easily brush/spray applied to pipes, fittings, valves, tanks and vessels. It's non-skinning and non-sag properties make it a permanent solution.

  • Formulated to be applied to cold pipes-- Very Creamy
  • For use on any system up 250°F (121°C)
  • Ammonia, Brine, and Glycol Systems, Cryogenic
  • For Weld Packs on Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems
  • Low Pressure Steam (5.3# gauge pressure, 20# absolute pressure)
  • Insulated Transmission Pipelines
  • Insulated Valves and Fittings/Flanges
  • Insulated Tanks and Vessels
  • Insulated Process Piping
  • Bundled Pipe
  • Ammonia Systems
  • US Navy Wire Rope
  • Chrime Crevices at Tank Bottoms
  • US Navy Detachable Anchor Links
  • Oil and Gas Transmission and Processing CUI
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Steam Lines
  • Vapor Barriers for Insulated Pipe
  • Casing Fillers and Road Casings
  • Marine - Watertight Doors, including Cargo and Forklift Doors
  • Anti-Sieze and Protection of Small Parts
  • Bridge Corrosion
  • Cables
  • Electric Utility Poles

Installation thicknesses of 25-30 MILS allow the unique formulation to heal any subsequent breach (mechanical damage) of the mineral barrier, and the RG-2400 LT formula is so unique, that even if the vapor barrier is breached allowing moisture into the system, the RG-2400 LT will buffer the moisture to an elevated pH.

The insulation contractor applies RG-2400 LT on the pipe using PVC chemical gloves. The opacity and color of the product (blue) allows for easy site inspection of an installation. When it’s BLUE, you’re through!

Wet Surfaces

  • All surfaces should be wiped to be as dry as possible prior to application of RG-2400.
  • Water displacement characteristics allow for application of product to damp surfaces, but not easily! A dry surface is best
  • DO NOT apply to surface where rainy conditions are present.
  • Damp rusted surfaces should be cleaned with water soluble solvent (alcohol or glycol) before application.
  • DO NOT apply to wet and soaked rusted surfaces where water is present – even if the surface has been cleaned, use of an omni directional fabric is required on wet surfaces.

Cold and Dry Surfaces

  • Material can be applied to dry non-rusted surfaces as low as -30°.
  • Surface must be clean and free of oils or frost.
Cold and Wet Surfaces
  • Damp surfaces must be above freezing (32° F).
  • Cannot be applied on wet condensing surfaces, some method to dry the pipe must be used (towel, alcohol, glycol).
  • It is possible to apply material to the bore of the insulation (very thickly), dry that 3’ section of pipe and install the insulation on the pipe IMMEDIATELY. Call Polyguard before attempting this.

Hot Surfaces

  • Pipe surface temperature should not exceed 170° F, check with the plant safety team before installing on any hot surface above OSHA personnel protection standards.