Speedline PVC Solvent Weld Adhesive, 1 Quart

Manufacturer: Speedline
Product Description

Speedline® Solvent Weld Adhesive is a flexible, fast curing, plastic solvent cement adhesive formulated for bonding PVC plastic to itself. Available for use when a completely sealed jacketing system is required. Apply between laps, melting the PVC, and hold in place for 2 hours. The joined lap will then become one single piece of PVC.

Available as clear or white in 1 Qt. sizes.


The Solvent Weld Adhesive is applied between laps, melting the PVC.

Apply PVC Cement to both of the surfaces to be joined. Hold with firm hand pressure until the adhesive develops holding strength (usually this takes no more than a few seconds). As the solvent evaporates and diffuses through the plastic, the bond will gradually increase in strength. Optimum strength is usually reached within 24 hours. Allow extra time for drying if conditions are very humid or very cold (under 50°F). After being held in place for 2 hours, the joined lap becomes one single piece of PVC.

It is a liquid adhesive designed to be applied by brush, roller, or by squeeze bottle applicator. For piping, dauber top applicators are the recommended method of application.

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