Carboline Multi-Gard® GP 14 DTM

Manufacturer: Carboline
Product Description

Carboline® Multi-Grad® GP 14 DTM is a semi-gloss alkyd enamel with excellent application characteristics, overall appearance, and good weathering properties. Available in a variety of colors.

  • High Gloss finish
  • Fast dry times
  • Easily maintained
  • Good brush/roll/spray properties

Spray Application

Conventional: Pressure pot equipped with dual regulators, 3/8” I.D. minimum material hose, .043” I.D. fluid tip and appropriate air cap.
Airless: Use a pump capable of supplying 2000- 2200 psi fluid pressure. Spray tip: .013-.017”

Brush/Roller (General) Multiple coats may be required to obtain desired appearance and thickness. Avoid excessive rebrushing or re-rolling. For best results, tie-in within 10 minutes at 75°F (24°C).