K-FLEX® Duct® Liner Grey

Manufacturer: K-Flex USA LLC
Product Description

K-FLEX DUCT® Liner Gray with PSA is a flexible elastomeric, closed cell, thermal and acoustic insulation. Excellent thermal and acoustical properties are provided when used to line air handling units and ducts. Specifically designed to reduce noise, conserve energy, and control IAQ (closed-cell structure prevents moisture intrusion and subsequent mold growth).

K-FLEX Duct® Liner w/ PSA features a protective skin on one side, and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with reinforced scrim on the other; allowing for dramatically reduced installation time.

Recommended for applications ranging from -40°§ F to 200°§ F, and is offered in sheet/roll form in a range of widths (46" to 60") and thicknesses (1/2" to 1-1/2").

K-FLEX DUCT® Liner Gray products are non-porous, fiber-free and prevent mold, fungal and bacterial growth. Products are protected with an EPA-approved antimicrobial agent.

K-FLEX DUCT® Liner Gray is available with or without the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)


K-FLEX DUCT® Liner Gray with PSA is GREENGUARD® certified under the Children and Schools designation, is approved by the Factory Mutual Research Corporation , and meets the 25/50 flame spread and smoke development rating up to 1-1/2” thickness according to ASTM E-84 standards. The product is made in K-FLEX USA’s ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

  • a protective skin on one side
  • pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with reinforced scrim on the other
  • dramatically reduced installation time

K-FLEX Duct® Liner Gray is suitable for applications with service temperatures ranging from -297°F (-182°C) to +220°F (+104°C). When using factory-applied PSA, the low temperature limit is -40°F (-40°C). When the product is installed fully adhered to the insulated surface (via contact adhesive or PSA), the high temperature limit is +200°F (+93°C). For applications below -40°F (-40°C), contact K-FLEX technical support. The product is used to reduce sound transmission and/or retard heat gain/loss and prevent condensation when used as an internal liner on square, rectangular, round or oval ductwork or equipment.