K-FLEX #620 Contact Adhesive, Black Quart

Manufacturer: K-Flex USA LLC
Product Description

K-FLEX¨ 620 Contact Adhesive is a fast drying, black-colored, non-runny neoprene contact adhesive. Ideal for bonding porous or non-porous material, as they won't be absorbed easily. This adhesive is a thicker consistency that can be applied with a brush or a roller, without running.

Caution: Adhesive contains notable solvents and container not in use should be kept closed. Keep adhesive away from sparks and open flames. Use with adequate ventilation and avoid excessive contact with the skin.

The surface may be allowed to dry and solvent reactivated by wiping with a toluene dampened cloth. Thinning the adhesive is not recommended. Common lacquer thinners can be used for clean up.