ITW Aluminum Roll Jacketing

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Manufacturer: ITW Insulation Systems
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For mechanical insulation systems, ITW Aluminum Roll Jacketing (also called cladding) is your initial protective outer surface for pipe, vessels, and equipment. Protect your insulation and underlying pipe/vessel from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmosphere, and water. The bare outer surface comes standard with a 3-mil thick polysurlyn moisture barrier heat-laminated to the interior surface, to help prevent any corrosion.

Pabco/Childers are ITW's brand names recognized in the industrial insulation industry. APi Distribution carries different ITW Aluminum jacketing finishes, including smooth and stucco embossed. Each of the surface finishes have recommended applications. If you need to cover larger surfaces, check out of Deep Corrugated Sheet.


All bare and polysurlyn lined Aluminum Jacketing from ITW Insulation Systems complies with the requirements of ASTM C1729 (Aluminum Jacketing Material Standard) which includes the strength and chemical composition requirements for compliance to ASTM B209 (Aluminum Alloy Standard).

ITW Aluminum Jacketing has an outer surface emittance per ASTM C1371 and specified by ASTM C1729 of:

  • Bare aluminum (oxidized in service ) = 0.1

Smooth (Plain Mill) Finish

This is a very popular finish and is the “default” for the many end-users/specifiers who prefer the clean look of this finish. This finish sheds rain water the best. However, this smooth surface readily shows damage such as from hail or other physical abuse. It is also shows the dirt more than the other finishes due to its smoothness. Lastly, it is highly reflective of sunlight and when located near roadways, some specifiers see this reflection as a possible safety hazard.

Stucco Embossed Finish

This is another popular finish used for aluminum jacketing. The stucco-like surface texture hides small imperfections and scratches caused by physical damage during or after installation. This finish also reduces reflectivity while still looking very professional. Lastly, the use of stucco embossed finish provides a small increase to the rigidity and strength of the aluminum jacketing.

3/16” Corrugated (Cross-Crimped) Finish

This finish consists of parallel grooves or crimps about 3/16” apart running in the length direction of the pipe. This finish also hides small damage and scratches to the jacketing and reduces sunlight reflection. In addition, the nature of this finish gives the aluminum jacket more ability to expand and contract to adapt to insulation movement caused by pipe or ambient temperature changes. Lastly, the rigidity and strength of 3/16” corrugated finish is substantially increased making it ideal for use as jacketing on large diameter pipe and vessels up to 8 ft diameter. This finish is available in a maximum thickness of 0.024 inches.

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