6 Mil Vinyl PVC Tape 1-1/2" X 108 ft, Black

Manufacturer: GLT
Product Description

Flexible polyvinyl chloride film, coated with specially formulated adhesive. Suitable for indoor applications where it is necessary to achieve a strong, permanent bond. Special adhesive is designed to adhere well to PVC fittings. These tapes are particularly resistant to moisture, acids, alkalis and oils, and are highly abrasion resistant as well.


Thickness:                 6 Mil

Peel Adhesion:         20 oz/in

Tensile:                      14 lb/in

Shear Adhesion:       >24 hrs @ 2.2 psi

Elongation:                150%

Width:                         1-1/2"

Standard Length:      36 yards

Colors:                        Black (also available in white)