Foster® Asbestos Removal Encapsulant and Post-Removal Residual Encapsulant, 5 Gallons

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Manufacturer: Foster
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Foster¨ Asbestos Removal Encapsulant is a polymeric, water-based coating. During its initial application, an aresol atmosphere is created to allow the atomized material to attach itself and "wet-out", to all types of asbestos and pre-existing airbrone fibers. Quickly and thoroughly an improved air quality settles. During the removal operation of such individual fibers, like amosite and crocidolite, are absorbed and locked together, reducing the possibility of loose fibers from becoming airborne.These now weighted fibers collect on the containment structure. If allowed to dry they become adhered, reducing the possibility of reintroduction, and reducing the high cost of the labor-intensive final clean-up.