Foster® 40-60 Drip Pan Coating, Gray - 5 Gallon

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Manufacturer: Foster
Product Description

Foster¨ 40-60 Drip Pan Coating has excellent long-term resistance against the detrimental effects of harmful fungus, algae, and bacteria, The coating's surface will prevent from bacteria growth to occur, and a vibration dampening is also provided.

Normally only found in solvent-based coatings, Foster 40-60 has the water resistance and low water vapor permeance. It will greatly retard moisture vapor penetration, and inhibit corrosion of metal surfaces.

Foster¨ 40-60 Coating is used in high humidity or wet environments. A minimum of 96 hours dry time must be followed before Foster¨ 40-60 may be placed in service. When it dries, a strong bond to galvanized steel, aluminum, or mild steel surfaces are formed. There is no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds to be found in this product.