Fiberlock Grip-Tack Lockdown Hazardous Materials Adhesive 6408, 5 Gallon- Clear

Manufacturer: Fiberlock Technologies Inc.
Product Description

Grip-Tack is a high solids, water based multipurpose lockdown/adhesive for capturing and sealing residual contaminants present before, during, and after demolition or removal projects. Its unique formulation provides a soft, tacky, flexible membrane, which locks down asbestos fibers, lead paint chips and dust to insure final clearance after the removal of lead and/or asbestos. The sticky finish traps lead dust and airborne fibers making it ideal for over-coating lead paint or asbestos prior to their removal or demolition. This product is also suitable for use as a lead paint adhesive primer for use over high gloss surfaces containing lead paint.

Product Specifications
Solids by Weight ± 2%


Solids by Volume ± 2%


Viscosity at 70° F

50-60 Kreb Units

Specular Gloss:

90° ± 5 @60°

Weight Per Gallon 
Flash Point:


Shelf Life

12 Months Min.


(Original Sealed Container)

Calculated VOC:

0 Grams/liter

Smooth Surfaces:

200 ft2/gal

Porous Surfaces:

100-200 ft2/gal

Drying Times (@ 70-77° F, 50% R.H)

To Touch:

1 Hour

To Recoat:

1 Hour

Minimum Application Temp: