3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step Kit

Manufacturer: 3M
Product Description

3M Fire Barrier Rated Foam (FIP 1-Step), is a smoke, sound, and firestopping foam used to fill the annular space created by pipes and cables, for wall and floor penetrating, through fire-rated construction.

Expands up to 5 times during installation and bonds to most construction substrates including, but not limited to, concrete, metal, wood, plastic and cable jacketing.

Premium two-part, easy-to-handle formulation. Dries to a flexible solid. During a fire, product maintains a tight firestop against smoke and flame.


Key Features

  • Section Expands up to 5X when dispensed
  • One 12.85 oz. cartridge = Up to 6 tube of 10.1 oz fire caulk
  • No mineral wool required in UL systems
  • Remains pliable
  • Full expansion after -2 minutes
  • Paintable with primer
  • STC rating of 57 when tested in STC 57 rated wall assembly
  • Air leakage less than 1 CFM/Sq Ft
  • Meets the intent of LEED VOC regulations. <250 g/L VOC contents (less H2O and exempt solvents)


    FIP 1-Step shall be a two-component, ready-to-use, gun-grade, firestopping foam. FIP 1-Step shall be tested to the criteria of ASTM E 814 / UL 1479 Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Penetration Firestop Systems, ASTM E 84 / UL 723 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, ASTM E 90 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements, and ASTM E 413 Classification for Rating Sound Insulation. FIP 1-Step shall meet the requirements of the IBC, IRC, IFC, IPC, IMC, NFPA 5000, NEC (NFPA 70), NFPA 101 and NBCC.

Typically Specified

  • Divisions Division 7
  • Section 07 84 00 - Firestopping
  • Section 07 27 00 - Air Barriers

Related Sections

  • Section 07 86 00 - Smoke Seals
  • Section 07 87 00 - Smoke Containment Barriers
  • 21 00 00 - Fire Suppression
  • Section 22 00 00 - Plumbing
  • Section 26 00 00 – Electrical
  • Ideal for sealing single or multiple through penetrations in fire-rated construction. Typically used in mechanical, electrical, data and plumbing applications to firestop metallic pipe, conduit, cables, cable trays, busways, combos, insulated pipe and HVAC ducts passing through fire-rated floors and walls. Also used to firestop blank openings in floors and walls.

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