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Do you have the proper material to secure your pipes? Inspecitions and replacements costs can hurt a job by millions of dollars annually, when the proper matierlas aren't used or short cuts are made. 

Common Insulation materials include: rubber, polyurethane (spray foam), calcium silicate, and fiberglass

"The insulating material has high adsorption properties for water, oxygen, or leachable chlorides. Insulating materials with high porosity are likely to have high adsorption properties for water and acidic chemicals. The choice of an insulating material involves tradeoffs between cost, insulation effectiveness and acidic water adsorption properties."


  1. Select an effective insulating material.
  2. Apply long-lasting protective coatings on the outer surface of the pipeline
  3. Apply moisture barriers or water-repellent coatings on insulation.
  4. Perform regularly scheduled maintenance tasks and inspections.