Closed Cell Liner

closed cell insulation

Closed cell liner provides flexible elastomeric thermal and acoustical insulation. Used to help retard heat gain/loss and prevent condensation or frost on cold/hot equipment or ducts. Recommended for applications ranging from -40°F to 200°F.

Duct Board

fiberglass duct board

Utilize fiberglass duct board products for fabrication to efficiently supply and return air duct work for residential and commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

Duct Connectors/Vain Rail

duct connectors

In conjunction, our duct connectors and vain rails help eliminate noises, rattles and vibrations in metal ductwork caused by fans, blowers, expansion and contraction. Utilize connectors and vain rails to create an even flow of air throughout the system.

Duct Liner

duct liner

Acoustical and thermal liner for HVAC metal ducts used for absorbing unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise. It also improves efficiency by reducing heat gain or loss, and helps eliminate condensation issues.

Duct Sleeve

duct sleeve

Use this energy-saving, slip-on insulation for fast, economical installation on round metal or PVC pipe.

Duct Wrap

duct wrap

Providing high-quality thermal efficiency, duct wrap can be used for external insulation of residential or commercial heating, air conditioning, or dual temperature ducts, assuring specified in-place thermal performance and condensation control.

Flexible Air Duct

flexible air duct

Our versatile flexible air duct is ideal for both residential and commercial use, serving a multitude of low to high pressure applications. Utilize the insulated air duct for main trunk lines, connecting lines, supply and return lines, and runs to diffusers and room registers.

HVAC Accessories

HVAC accessories

We offer a wide variety of tools and accessories for the HVAC industry, including fasteners, tools, duct pins, knives and equipment.

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